Fitting In: Part I

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So - being Australians, one of the few things that we're very, very good at is sport. Not so much participating in it as watching it (speak for yourself - Michael).

And as we understand it from conversations with people who have been to Canadia, it seems that one of the things that they're really really good at, besides importing drugs into the States and being mauled by Polar bears, is watching sport, too. One sport in particular.


Now, we're pretty sport obsessed here in down-under. Which makes sense, too, because there f**k all decent art or theatre going round (gay, Kerno - M.) But it seems those crazy Canucks take obsession with this sport to a whole new level.

In order to more properly assimilate into this unusual and slightly scary culture hey, we've put together a primer on Hockey in Canadia, with a particular focus on Vancouver.

So here goes.

The Unofficial Guide to Hockey in Canadia
- Vancouver -

Vancouver’s hockey team was formed in 1994.

Nicknamed “The Cutting Edges”, they competed in the 1994 NY Gay Games at Coney Island, losing four of five games. From this auspicious beginning they have gone on to be the pride and joy of Vancouver, going from strength to strength to win the 2004 Chelsea Challenge in New York.

They have seen such hockey greats come through their doors as Ryan Robutka, who scored a club-high 7 points in a 2004 game against the T-birds, and Daryl Kochan, who holds the all-time record hissy fits thrown in a game. He achieved this milestone on 11/30/2003, which I think means the eleventh of Octoberfest, 2003.

That’s Daryl in the middle, still working hard at it.

Their website exists at The Cutting Edges Gay Hockey Team and it seems they have quite a fan base.

Apparently those are called "Cheerleaders" in Canadia.

So there you go – we’re ready to go out and get into the hockey action in Vancouver. Can’t wait to see those “Edges” slice the ice up.

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