Arguing about stupid stuff:

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This is a random post, created out of boredom, caused by there being so many frickin' people on this mountain - or "the Hill" as they call it here.

So I said that one question my little brother Robert had once asked was this;

"Which goes faster, a bullet or a rocket?"

To which Kerno replied "A bullet, I think. Wait; are we talking about acceleration or about maximum velocity? Because intuitively a bullet accelerates faster than a rocket doesn't it?"

I called him a retard, because bullets can't achieve escape velocity, and he called me a moron, because "clearly a bullet can't sustain acceleration long enough to achieve escape velocity", so I told him to shove it, and he asked;

"Why do we have to be so nerdy?"

I said "I don't know Kerno. I just don't know."

So we went looking - what has the highest maximum velocity?

It turns out it is a rocket - the Saturn V rocket which carried the ill-fated Apollo 13, lead by the very worthy astronaut Tom Hanks, achieved around 8,000 Km/h in stage one, 23,000 Km/h in stage two, and 26,000 Km/h in stage three.

A bullet fired from a common military rifle, meanwhile, will only achieve around 3,200 Km/h.

Nothing, however, acheives a velocity such as that of John wiping out during night-skiing. Yard Sale, anyone?

2 Responses to “Arguing about stupid stuff:”

  1. Anonymous Nicole 

    Ah its good to see that not even a big trip full of cultural and inebriating (kerno, don't bother, I know I have spelt that wrong) experiences could stop you guys from being geeky. I love it!

    However, John your wipeouts probably have unbeatable velocity, but you wouldn't believe the fast acceleration (both positive and then very very negative) of me trying to get the hang of the surfboard I got for xmas! you know how the body is meant to be 68% water, I think I have definitely boosted my natural levels from it gushing in...

    Hope xmas was good and New Years even better


  2. Anonymous Anna 

    I believe you John...after all, the heavier an object is the greater the velocity right???


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