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This is Andy. Andy is a Canadian. If Andy was Australian, he would be an automatic entry into the Australian cricket team. That pack of professional sledgers have nothing on this kid.

I digress.

Hockey is awesome. It's as simple as that.

We made it down to the Giants game the last night we were in Vancouver. As far as we can fathom the division is similar to what we might call colts. And like colts rugby, it was very fast and very tough.

Sitting behind the penalty box was also an elightening experience. As ferocious as the game is, the sledging from the fans is something to see.

Our red-headed Canadian friend Andy, protected by those thick plexiglass barriers, tore strips of each and every one of these blokes. I hope the crickt team is recruiting - all we have to do now is explain just what exactly cricket is. He assured us he's a quick learner.

After the game we headed out to the Robson pub, which we got within ten metres of before deciding that it wasn't in that direction, and turned and walked a k the wrong way. Eventually we made it, got into the Canadian nightlife, and had a great time before we headed home.

Couldn't find a kebab shop, though.

On to Kelowna and Big White.

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